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Scientific Support

There is so much research supporting the benefits of meditation, yoga and movement in general. Here are a few of my favorites. (as of 2/10/22)


Mind-Body Interventions, Including Meditation, Reduce Pain & Opioid Doses

A large 2019 meta-review of 60 clinical trials (6,400 participants) showed that mind-body approaches, such as meditation, guided imagery, hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy, improved pain in people who have been taking prescription opioids and led to reductions in drug dosage.  Click here for the study.


15 Minutes of Meditation Showed Similar Effects as a Day of Vacation

Meditation and vacations appear to have overlapping effects. A small study from the University of Groningen (Netherlands) found that 15 minutes of meditation led to similar emotional states as a day of vacation: low levels of negative emotions like irritation and high levels of positive emotions like gratitude.

Click here to read the study.

Running Up

30 Years of Studies Make it Clear: Exercise Is Strongly Linked to Mental Health

A new metareview of 1,000 scientific studies published over the last three decades by the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation provides conclusive proof of the link between exercise and mental wellness.

Click here for the study.

Other Online Resources

I've been collecting and sharing some articles I've found helpful about business, life and stress. I've listed them here:

Here is a great article on resilience from The Chopra Center. it provides tips for emotional health, spiritual health, physicial health and mental health. Easy, useful.

I'm a fan of many McKinsey articles. Here is one I like that talks about what will shape our new normal.

Here is a really nice poem about depression - I know, not something you would expect me to share, but it really spoke to me on a day I wasn't feeling so hot myself. Here's the link.

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