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Zen Career Toolbox: Online Resources

Need resources for meditations, reducing anxiety, natural health, and overall healthier living?

Looking for ways to stay balanced when on the road?

I've put together a handy guide of tips to consider before you leave, on the plane, and during your trip. Click the hammer to download the file.


Interested in my all-natural facewash?

No chemicals - it's all natural herbs and chickpea flour. My skin hasn't felt better in years, and even better yet, I don't feel like I have to use a lot of other products afterward! Click the tool to download the recipe for yourself!

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Thinking of starting a Meditation Practice?

There are so many benefits to meditation and so many reasons for starting, from stress management to relieving depression to helping you find your purpose and achieve goals. Click the tool to the left for tips on how to get started, some popular apps to use, and keys to sticking with it.

Other Online Resources

in the wake of COVID-19, I've been collecting and sharing some articles I've found helpful about business, life and stress. I've listed them here:

Here is a great article on resilience from The Chopra Center. it provides tips for emotional health, spiritual health, physicial health and mental health. Easy, useful.

I'm a fan of many McKinsey articles. Here is one I like that talks about what will shape our new normal.

Here is a really nice poem about depression - I know, not something you would expect me to share, but it really spoke to me on a day I wasn't feeling so hot myself. Here's the link.