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4 Life Lessons from The Meg

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Ok, I admit it. I went to see The Meg the other night; additional evidence that moms with boys don’t see chick flicks :) Admittedly it was better than expected, though I did notice them sneak in background music that ironically sounded like the Jaws theme, and there were times when I wondered, for example, how something that big could swim beneath thousands of children in water that shallow and not be noticed, or touched by a single toe! Anyhow, it was good to see the selfish guy get eaten and the nice guy get the girl!

The movie’s plot had a lot to share, so I thought I would discuss some valuable lessons:

Appreciate What Nature Has to Offer

At the beginning of the movie, a scientific team is exploring new territory in the depths of the ocean. They travel down in these technologically advanced mini-subs with 360-degree views of the amazing marine life around them. When they learn their hypothesis is correct, and that they can explore even further, they are awed and inspired by all they are seeing for the first time.

Nature shows us miracles every day, and most of the time we don’t pause to appreciate it. Take a minute – taste the rain on your lips, notice how many different birds are chirping, feel the warm summer breeze on your skin. If you run outside with ear buds, skip them tomorrow, and notice your surroundings instead. Last Sunday, when I was teaching yoga outside, I purposely didn’t have an intention – it was our first “Alley Yoga” class and I suggested that instead of thinking about anything, we just notice nature. Nature has an amazing ability to help us to be present, and calms us. Inhale. Exhale.

Say What You Need to Say Before It’s Too Late

Fortunately, two main characters got the opportunity to apologize after near-death experiences, and one was able to tell someone how proud he was just before he died. Don’t let that be you! In yoga we talk about Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, but no matter what your beliefs, whom you pray to, or the crystals you have around your bed, the truth is that we often create our own obstacles to moving forward in life. Life can be difficult enough without our help; let’s not create additional obstacles to make it even harder! If you knew you would not wake up tomorrow morning, who would you call/visit today? Please – tell loved ones that you love them, share appreciation for what others do around you, even if it isn’t exactly how you would do it. At least they made the effort, because they care. Life doesn’t have to be harder to be more valuable. Be big enough to move past things and say what needs to be said before time runs out.

A Simple Popsicle Can Make Life Sweet

One of my favorite scenes is of a little boy who, after much drama (I won’t give away details), is able to lick his Popsicle, and life is good again. Yes, forget the therapy, surgeries, and million-dollar items; flavored, frozen water can make life better! Remember when you were little (or your children or friends were little) and a simple Popsicle had the power to make the day go from hot and exhausting to the best day ever? What are the simple things you enjoy? What little thing makes you smile? Today is only Wednesday – take a little time this week to have your Popsicle.

When You Do What Your Heart Says is Best, It’s Always the Right Decision

The movie’s hero had to make some tough calls in his career – several were literally a matter of life and death for members of his team. While others judged his decision, there was no question he did what he felt was best at the time. Most of us don’t have life and death decisions to make each day, but there are tough decisions we all make from time to time. Others will judge no matter what route you take, so make sure you can wake up in the morning knowing you did what you felt was best.

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1 comentário

15 de ago. de 2018

Such great words of wisdom coming at just the right time. Thank you, Kim.

And I love the idea of alley yoga!

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