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My Next Chapter

I know - it's April 1st - and while I could be thinking about a funny joke, instead I'm excited about my new chapter. This week I'll start teaching yoga - my passion, and what has changed me over the last few years. I've been studying other famous yogis - what they say, what they post, even what they wear. Yeah - I'm not like any of them. I don't have the legs of a gazelle, and my nose - it tells you I'm probably Polish, and oh yes, my barely B-cup and extra around the middle and hips admit to two kids, numerous hours on a plane, and some good eating. But that's ok because while I admit I will never be close to those beautiful people, today it's the start of my new chapter - and one I hope will inspire other working moms, and leading women. Nearly 16 years ago I started a business. Today I start another segment and fully intend to use that experience to help other leaders feel better about who they are and how they lead. My blogs will talk about leadership, yoga, being authentic in who we are, and what makes us tick. I invite you to join me - let's share ways to be better, and happier, and do some good while we're at it.

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