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Yoga @ Fitness Facilities

140 N. Addison Ave.

Hatha Yoga: Sundays at 10am

Yoga for Athletes: Sundays at 9am and Fridays at 6am

Vinyasa Yoga: Tuesdays at 6am

  Classes are part of FFC membership.

826 W. Touhy

Yoga for Athletes: Mondays at 5:45pm

Candlelight Yoga: Mondays at 7pm

Hot Yoga: Tuesdays at 7:30pm

  Classes are part of FFC membership.


Want to get started with or deepen your practice - on your own time? Do you need greater mobility?

Is it easier if I come to your home or office?

Looking for someone to help with your form? Are there goals you'd like to achieve? No problem! I work with individuals or small groups who have a specific goal in mind or need to meet a special scheduling need. We can get together once or more per week. I can also meet with you less frequently, like once a month, and create a home practice for you to do in between our visits.

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