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Meet Kimberly


I was constantly rushing  -  pushing myself to work harder and faster in the hours I had. Do more, be more, was the only mentality I knew. How else would I succeed as a business owner? As a mom? As a wife? As a result, my stomach was a mess, I was always tense and on edge. I never felt I was good enough. Worse yet, I was missing out on important things in life - like family birthdays - six of them. I was "a kite in a hurricane." Would I ever find a way out?


Desperate to find a means of exercise that wouldn't make me feel like I had to push myself to the point of pain and exhaustion, I decided to give yoga a shot. A culture shock at first, I started to feel better physically and emotionally, and no one was telling me to push harder or do more. On the contrary, I actually learned to lay still for five minutes and begin to accept that I'm exactly where I need to be. I'm now in better health - not relying on probiotics and Advil to make it through the day. Others tell me I look better too!

My goal is to help others find balance like I have through yoga, breathwork and meditation. Because those then lead to other positive lifestyle choices.

Kimberly LaBonty
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Life. Lead. Yoga.


My blog is aimed to inspire those Type-A folks to become more successful and more focused, while keeping a sense of realism about what all we can accomplish in a day. We perform better when we are mindful.  Read about presence, using your talents, dealing with change and other life-balancing topics. Be inspired and then go inspire others!

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