About Kimberly



  • Certified Yoga Instructor - 200hr and 500hr certifications earned

  • Owner & Founder of Apex Management & Special Events, Inc. (18yrs)

  • Conference organizer for 25 yrs

  • Passionate about Helping Others Find Success and Balance

  • Married over 23 Years (lucky me!)

  • Mom of 2 (smart, handsome) Boys :-)

  • Ran a Marathon

  • Fought in Golden Gloves

  • Smile Every Time I'm on My Vespa!

My Story


For the most part, society tells us that whatever we are, it's not enough. Whatever we have done, we can do more. And when you work with over-achievers, like attorneys, physicians and business owners, you are consistently reminded of all they have accomplished. As my own biggest critic, I told myself I could always do better, be faster, achieve more. I loved owning my own business and still do, but I never focused on why I was still at it.  Being the "doer" I never stopped to ask why; I just kept doing, and then doing more. My mind was completely rajasic. I was exhausted, my stomach was a mess and I was missing out on so many things in my life. I started to become numb.

...then I started yoga...

Intentions gave me topics to contemplate, vinyasa allowed me to breathe, and savasana let it all sink in. My stomach started to feel better. I was more calm, focused and productive. Experiencing all the benefits of my yoga practice, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor so I could help others benefit too, especially female leaders. Since then, I am continuing my education in mindfulness, wellness, living a yogic lifestyle and how to help others achieve balance.

I'm putting life, yoga and mindful leadership together and sharing those lessons in my yoga classes and my Mindful blog.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I'll provide inspiring words and encouragement for your journey!

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