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MSP stands for Mobility, Strength & Power. MSP Yoga is my own formula of intelligent sequences, specifically designed for athletes, CrossFitters and those who find themselves working out often - usually intense muscle format classes that offer little time for stretching before or after class. We rush in, do our hour workout, then rush out to get ready for a day of sitting. Not necessarily a winning formula. There is a movement brewing in the yoga community to teach asana (poses) that help students improve mobility, especially in the hips and shoulders. I'm definitely a part of that movement. I believe it is better to help my students move freely throughout the day without pain than it is to get their foot over their head or do the splits.














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Much of my influence and inspiration has come from my teacher Jim Bennett of Tejas Yoga, supplemented by my experiences taking CrossFit classes, my FRC certification, and simply listening to my students. Exercise should be practical, with the goal of helping you live a more authentic, connected life for decades to come.

I love to think outside the box (even when I'm teaching at my favorite CrossFit box in Elmhurst), so you'll find me using PVC pipes for our shoulder practice, or incorporating blocks instead of dumbbells for Russian twists or runner's deadlifts, etc.

Having been a runner, a boxer, and someone who has done her fair share of trendy workouts (remember aeroboxing?), I feel the pain you do after a heavy leg day or too many overhead presses.

There are natural processes in our bodies that tend to make muscles and connective tissue shorter and less flexible with time. Muscles or ligaments that have become weak and stiff from disuse may experience pain and dysfunction for weeks, months and perhaps even years. Working with a teacher like me, who can recognize those limitations and help improve mobility and range of motion, will help you get more out of every workout you do.

Tight shoulders? Check out this 10-min video to find relief.
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