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4 Cheap & Easy Ways to a More Energizing Home Exercise Space

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

When the view outside looks like this, it’s tough to pull together the energy to leave the house for a workout. That comfy blanket, warm tea and new loungewear you got for the holidays are just too perfect to part with. But after a few days of hibernating your body is screaming to move again, so you compromise and settle on some in-home workouts. (good job!) So you look at your workout space and realize it doesn’t look motivating either. Like the gray sky outside, your workout space feels dreary and un-motivating. Don’t give up now! Solution? Jazz up your workout space!

Kind of like when you buy those new running shoes or yoga outfit to re-ignite your workout – when your space is inviting you get excited about being in it. I mean, let’s face it – we can’t whip ourselves into shape in a week, so we need to start exercising now so that come spring we’re not in fear of shedding those extra layers.

Here are some inexpensive ways to jazz up your space so you want to be there working out!

Bring the Indoors to Life

It’s been almost 4 months since we've had the windows open. Indoor air starts to feel stale. Did you open the door to take out the garbage this week and think how fresh the air smelled? I did. So when it’s 15 degrees what can we do? Bring the outdoors in! This is the time of year plants are really appreciated. Add a few plants to your space to bring some life inside! Yep, places like Lowes and Home Depot offer a decent selection and even label them for little light and ‘good for cleaning the air.’ Don’t forget your smaller, local places too. I went to Platt Hill Nursery nearby to get my plants this time around. I just felt they were better quality, and they have staff who can give recommendations – that’s what I appreciate. They also wrapped the purchased plants up so they wouldn’t get affected by the cold. I need all the help I can get to keep these babies alive!

Plants come in all shapes and sizes so find what inspires you and what will thrive in your space. I wanted leaves with color and some variety. Add colorful pots for a finished look. You can see my purchases on my Tuesday evening online classes.

Add Your Favorite Scent

There’s no doubt we find certain smells inviting. There are two easy ways to help your space smell better when you can't open the window for fresh air: candles and essential oils. (Let’s skip the spray fresheners, ok?) I was never a big candle person, but the pandemic has changed that. I walked around town – found great smells like bamboo and gardenia, and if you like something fruity then the scent of orange might be great for you. I’ve lit them for my early morning workout to help me wake up. I also offer a candlelight yoga class online – another perfect opportunity for you to light up and absorb some of your favorite smells.

Essential oils are another great way to spread what smells get you going. At our local Fruitful Yield, you can stock up on a variety of great essential oils. Peppermint can be energizing; lavender calming. If you want that smell of the outdoors, how about basil, rosemary or pine? Citrus? How about orange, lemon or lime? I’m also a fan of tea tree oil. Using oils in a diffuser typically isn't overwhelming - usually less so than some candles - it also adds a little humidity to the air – especially good for those days your hair puts on an electric show.

Close your eyes – what do you hear?

I’ve noticed this week that I can hear the birds again in the morning. It’s that subtle sign of hope that spring is coming. We all like to practice or workout to our favorite toons and depending on your workout the sounds of nature may not get you through that last burpee, curl, three more breaths in navasana, but feel free to consider it maybe for your warm-up or cool-down, or even when you are reading. Sounds of the ocean, birds chirping, even rain, can be calming and uplifting. Here are a few track links I like:

Try Something New

Sometimes we just get tired of the same’ol thing. That’s cool – I’ve certainly run my course. I’ve boxed, run, done boot camps, and aerobics, swam, and of course practice yoga. Now I’ve added CrossFit to that. So why not try something – or someone – new? Love that cardio but tired of the same girl or guy reciting the same bad jokes (or missing a personality altogether)? Get recommendations from friends and be willing to try something new. Heaven knows YouTube is a sea of exercise videos. People like Yoga by Adrienne have become famous due to the pandemic. Studios have also started on-demand options with their classes available 24/7. I’ve been doing all of those.

Need to be held accountable? Consider having someone else in your household to do class with you – grab your teenager and be willing to listen to songs you’ve never heard. It’s good quality time and something to connect around. If they’re not willing, you can always do a live online class with a friend. The kids FaceTime each other when playing online video games – you can FaceTime while doing yoga – then have that cup of hot tea or a glass of wine afterward and chat for an hour.

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