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Stop Limiting Beliefs

Life certainly throws some curve balls. Usually I can work through the situation and move on. My challenge is when I have to talk about it with my staff. For example, our company had a marvelous reputation and positive growth for its first fifteen years straight. I think we might have lost two or three clients during that time, but we would more than make up for it with bigger ones. I would constantly tell new hires about our average growth per year and how we would eventually need bigger office space - again. But a year ago that started to change. The result is that from our peak of 17 staff and thirteen clients we are now down to 10 and eight, plus some side work. During our all-staff meeting I had to discuss these changes with the team. As a leader, I have it in my head that I not only need to keep the flame burning and keep the vision strong, I must always have a plan, too. It’s a limiting belief that I must have all the answers, and difficult for me to shift away from. How can you be a leader without having a plan?

Admittedly, living up to the belief is tough right now. I’m a bit gun shy and the enthusiasm just isn’t as strong as it was in the past. I’m taking a bit of a break from my headstrong, push-forward self, and I’m comfortable with it internally, but it scared me to death to share that with staff.

As leaders, we often inflict these limiting self-beliefs upon ourselves. We “think” we should do certain things, act a certain way, and it makes us stuck, because we’re focusing our energy on trying to manage the belief rather than sharing what we truly feel and using our resources to move forward with what we know to be the better strategy or process.

Have you ever watched this video? If you haven’t, you must. It’s a personal favorite and an obvious example of how we can get stuck in a mindset that just seems downright silly from an outside perspective. The video mentions problem solving specifically, but I think it’s just as applicable to limiting beliefs. When we’re stuck, we miss all the other opportunities.

How do you move past limiting self-beliefs? Take a moment to recognize them and replace them with empowering thoughts. Listen to colleagues or superiors who question why you would make certain assumptions and consider if they are limiting beliefs. In my case, by admitting my apprehension and need for ideas and assistance, the conversation quickly turned into an opportunity to get staff feedback and ideas – and they had great ideas to share! I’m researching one now and a staff member is working on another.

There is so much more we can unleash and pursue if we allow ourselves to do so. Take time today and consider a belief that is holding you back. Bring it to your mat as an intention and do some inversions to flip your perspective, then exhale out the limiting belief. You can also consider it for your next meditation, too. Typically limiting self-beliefs are pretty deeply held, so it might take time (and a few rounds on your mat or meditation) to let them go. By releasing your limitations and being open to what the universe brings to you, you just might find a whole new world of opportunities, and some enthusiastic team members to accompany them!


limiting beliefs as a leader

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